Payment Policy

Payment Policy

We are committed to make your business experience with us is fully secure, hassle free and safe.

Transactions at are 100% private and safe, while also being very convenient. To start with, WE DO NOT COLLECT OR STORE YOUR CREDIT CARD/BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION AT ALL. Internet banking and debit/credit card payments are processed by Razorpay, India's leading payment gateway providers. It uses best-in-class encryption technologies to ensure that your credit card number does not fall into unsafe hands as it travels on the internet. You would be asked your 3 or 4 digit CVV (Credit Verification Value) number on your credit card. This is a 3 digit number which follows your credit card number and is given at the back of the card to ensure that the person entering the card number has the physical card with him/her.

1. Optional Subscription charges

o Our subscription packages are predefined and associated charges are fixed.

o The payment made against the subscription package will be non-refundable.

o After the launch, the subscribers will have the option to upgrade their subscriptions to predefined paid packages anytime.

o Once upgraded, the package can be downgraded only after the subscription lock in period.

2. Other conditions:

o aka MRTH Vyapar Pvt. Ltd. shall not be held accountable for any financial, legal or other types of transactions conducted between subscribers/ users with or without our consent.

o All payments made will be through online mode only. We neither accept nor encourage any cash transactions.

o and Maratha Vyapar android app are the owned entities of MRTH Vyapar Pvt. Ltd. We shall not be accountable for payments made to/ transactions done with any other websites/ apps with similar kind and interest or names, appearances, or IDs similar to us.

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